OSTI again supports the Santa Shoebox Project! - 31 Oct 2023

OSTI pledged 45 boxes to underprivileged children who would otherwise not have received Christmas gifts. OSTI staff donated a further 14 boxes. The boxes include items such as toys, educational supplies, clothing, underwear, soap, facecloths, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and sweets. 

We supported the 67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela Day Project! - 13 Sep 2023

OSTI collaborated with the Banking Ombud and Credit Ombud in support of the 67 Blankets | for Nelson Mandela Day project this year! Each ombud, and its staff, donated wool, knitted/crocheted blankets, squares, and beenies and nominated the Fountain of Love Orphanage as the beneficiary of the final blankets. 



Making winter warmer for Door of Hope - 20 Jul 2023

In the spirit of Mandela Day, OSTI visited Door of Hope, an establishment dedicated to the care, and adoption, of abandoned babies. We handed over a donation of 30 fleece blankets and warm winter clothing for each toddler. We are thrilled to support this inspirational initiative.


OSTI supports Kids Haven in building community through sports - 23 Mar 2023

OSTI donated 10 soccer balls, 10 netball balls, 5 volleyball balls, 5 basketball balls, and 35 pairs of soccer boots to Kids Heaven. This donation was made in the spirit of Human Rights Day, which recognizes the fundamental right of every person to live with dignity, including the right to play, for play is not just a leisure activity, but a fundamental aspect of human development, creativity, and joy.


Kids Haven expressed their gratitude: “What a dream donation!  We are so grateful for it.  Thank you for coming through today.”

OSTI supports Thuto Ke Lesedi in uplifting the youth of Snake Park, Soweto - 07 Dec 2022

The OSTI team visited Thuto Ke Lesedi, an NPO situated in Soweto, which was established in 2020 to uplift youth in the area. OSTI donated 40 pairs of school shoes, 40 school bags, and various items of stationery in preparation for the 2023 school year.

The centre expressed its gratitude: “For them, this initiative is a blessing and allows children to enjoy school like all other children without having to worry about lack of school necessities. Thank you for the unwavering support.




OSTI supports the Santa Shoebox Project! - 01 Nov 2022

OSTI pledged 45 boxes to underprivileged children who would otherwise not have received Christmas gifts. OSTI staff donated a further 6 boxes. The boxes include items such as toys, educational supplies, clothing, underwear, soap, facecloths, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and sweets. 

OSTI Celebrates Mandela Day - 20 Jul 2022

In the spirit of Mandela Day, OSTI donated essential items such as mealie meal, sugar, rice, oil, milk, peanut butter, tomato sauce, mayonnaise, vinegar, soup, spices, baby wipes, sanitizer, bleach, sweets, dishwashing liquid and toiletries such as bath soap, antiperspirant, and Vaseline.

Bula-Mahlo is a home and daycare centre situated in Tembisa, that takes care of abandoned and neglected children. Management of Bula-Mahlo centre expressed their gratitude: “Bula-Mahlo home and daycare would love to thank you for your unwavering support during Mandela Day. Your caring support truly makes a difference to our home and children”.

OSTI visits the Doulos Care Centre, a home established 19 years ago for babies & children with HIV/AIDS - 23 May 2022

A member of the OSTI staff handed over the donation comprising pyjamas and pantry staples such as mealie meal, sugar, cake flour, instant yeast, baking powder, rice, cooking oil, pilchards, baked beans, oats, Bovril, spaghetti, jam, peanut butter, washing powder, toothpaste, antiperspirant/deodorant, vaseline and soap. 

Management of Doulos Care centre expressed its gratitude: “On behalf of Doulos Child and Youth Care Centre, I would like to take this opportunity in thanking you for your generous donation of food and clothes towards our organization. It is with great delight and joy to be part of your CSI initiative. Much appreciated. Our success is majorly dependent on support like yours. Thank you once again for making our mission a success.”


OSTI donates baby goods to Abraham Kriel Bambanani - 08 Mar 2022

OSTI donated essential baby items to Abraham Kriel Bambanani, a home that care for traumatised and abused children & youth. The donation comprised 45 packs of baby nappies, 12 packs of powder milk, 45 boxes of baby cereal, 20 bottles of baby food, 20 packs of baby wipes, 11 bottles of body wash, 11 bottles of baby powder, 11 tubs of nappy cream and 11 bottles of peanut butter. Management and staff at the Maria Koppers campus expressed their gratitude: “Working at Abraham Kriel Bambanani, seeing all the caring and sacrifices to help lift up youngsters in need, we can say that our hearts are exploding with gratitude! Thank you!"

OSTI donates essential items to Door of Hope - 06 Dec 2021


Ahead of the festive season, OSTI donated basic necessities to Door of Hope, a place of safety for abandoned babies who stay with the centre until they are adopted. The donation comprised nappies, baby formula, baby puree, baby wipes, baby liquid bath soap, sterilising liquid, toothpaste, disposable face masks, hand sanitiser, bleach, dishwashing liquid, Domestos, Handy Andy and hand wash.

Door of Hope expressed its gratitude: “Thank you for donating to help us to care for vulnerable and orphaned babies. Your donation of much-needed baby items, will go towards caring for almost sixty babies who are in our care and who are likely to be with us through this Christmas Season.”

OSTI donates 80 food parcels to Masibambisane - 28 Oct 2021

OSTI donated 80 food parcels to Masibambisane, a Centre for Orphaned and Vulnerable Children, to distribute to impoverished families so that they have food to eat when the centre and schools are closed, which is often where their only meals come from. The parcels comprise rice, sugar, canned pilchards, canned baked beans, oil, cake flour, maize meal, noodles, laundry soap, sanitiser and masks.

Management and staff at the Masibambisane Centre expressed their gratitude: “Thank you again for your loyal support of the vulnerable families from our Masibambisane Centre in Eldorado Park.  We are especially grateful for your loyal support during these difficult times. The families really did appreciate the donations…..Thank you”

Mandela Day donation to Princess Alice Adoption Home - 27 Jul 2021

In the spirit of Mandela Day, OSTI made yet another donation to Princess Alice Adoption Home, who cares for abandoned babies, toddlers and young children.

The donation, which was delivered on Tuesday 27 July 2021, ranges from household goodies such as milk formula, disposable nappies, baby bath soaps, tissues, rice, mealie meal, tea, coffee, sugar, milk, toilet paper and paper towels to cleaning supplies such as washing power, fabric softener, dishwashing liquid, Pine Gel, Jik, anti-bacterial surface cleaners etc.

Princess Alice Adoption Home expressed its gratitude: "Wow, and thank you! OSTI has lifted a big weight off our shoulders." 

OSTI donates bedding to Kids Haven - 30 Mar 2021

On 30 March, OSTI donated 92 duvet sets to Kids Haven, a registered child and youth care centre that looks after children in need and provides them with shelter, protection, education, training and therapy. “We are over the moon with gratitude for the wonderful donation you gave to our kids. They absolutely all love their bedding,” said Lindiwe Dube, Fundraising Assistant.”

Princess Alice Donation - 07 Dec 2020

OSTI donated an 8.2 kg tumble dryer, 10 packs of nappies and a three-pack of wet wipes to the Princess Alice Adoption Home, a place of safety for babies who have been abandoned, consented for adoption or orphaned.


Abraham Kriel Bambanani Donation - 13 Nov 2020


Abraham Kriel Bambanani is a registered NPO providing care and skills development for traumatised children and youth in need, in the greater Johannesburg area.

On 13 November 2020 OSTI donated 10 boxes of facial tissues, 10 packs of baby wipes, 5 liters of sterilising liquid, 15 packs of nappies, 10 bottles of body wash, 10 tubs of nappy cream, 20 packs of toilet paper, 60 packs of sanitary towels, 10 tubs of aqueous cream, 20 tubes of toothpaste, 10 packs of bin liners, 5 bags of washing powder, 10 packs of laundry bar soap, 10 liters of hand sanitiser, 30 bath towels and face cloths, and 10 mattress protectors to Abraham Kriel Bambanani.

Ernesta Teessen, manager of the Abraham Kriel Bambanani Maria Kloppers house, stressed how the need for funding and donations had grown since the onset of COVID-19: “We currently care for about 200 children, from birth to 18 years of age, who have been removed from their homes and placed in our care. We also provide support for over 600 children in the same age bracket in the communities of Soweto and Westbury".


Mandela Day donation - Door of Hope - 27 Jul 2020

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, OSTI has reached out to a few new local orphanages to support and uplift its community during this difficult time. In the spirit of Mandela Day, OSTI donated essential items and personal protective equipment to Door of Hope, a place of safety for abandoned babies. Our donation comprised nappies, baby formula, baby puree, sterilising liquid, disposable face masks,  hand sanitiser and refuse bags. “We look forward to meeting and spending time with the staff and children when it is safe to do so.”

Kids Haven - COVID-19 Donation - 20 May 2020

Kids Haven, a registered child- and youth care centre, protects and cares for vulnerable children and families living on the streets in the Ekurhuleni region and in Johannesburg.

On 20 May 2020, OSTI donated the following essential items to Kids Haven: disposable face masks, hand sanitizer, soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, face cloths, sanitary pads, deodorant, nappies, school exercise books, colouring books, crayons, pencils, pens, maize meal, sugar, tea, coffee, spices, oil, salt, samp and various canned foods.

We look forward to visiting Kids Haven and meeting the children and volunteers during a future donation.


67 minutes for Madiba - 18 Jul 2019

In celebration of Nelson Mandela Day, OSTI visited the Othandweni Family Care Centre in Soweto on 18 July 2019.

Upon arrival, OSTI staff members were given a tour of Othandweni and had the privilege to meet the children and their caregivers. Thereafter, OSTI staff washed windows and swept for 67 minutes in the spirit of the 67 years Nelson Mandela fought for social justice.

OSTI also handed over a donation to the family centre comprising a Speed Queen 8.2kg tumble dryer, three packs of washing pegs,  three drying racks for clothes, a 52-meter replacement washing line, seven 5kg bags of washing powder, 21 laundry softener refill bags and nine 1500w heaters.


Fruit donation to the Princess Alice Adoption Home - 22 May 2019

This OSTI used sustainable centre pieces for its Annual Report Launch again this year. Beautiful fruit arrangements were dismantled and donated the Princess Alice Adoption Home.


We hope our donation makes a difference!

OSTI visits Princess Alice Adoption Home - 25 Mar 2019


The Princess Alice Adoption Home is a place of safety for babies who have been abandoned, consented for adoption or orphaned. 


In the spirit of Human Rights Day, OSTI visited the Princess Alice Adoption Home to hand over a donation comprising 30 jumbo boxes of nappies, 21 large cans of formula, 50 bottles of baby food, 30 boxes of baby porridge/cereal, 8 packs of wet wipes, 10 bottles of baby soap and 10 tubs of baby jelly. 


Jo-Anne Schermeier, the manager of Princess Alice Adoption Home, said: “We are so very grateful for the wonderful and generous donation of milk formula, nappies, toilet paper, and many more essential items from OSTI. The amazing donation came to us at the most critical time, and especially the milk formula for our babies, as we are battling to get stock from our suppliers and this then results in us having to purchase at full retail price, which is not in our budget.  We are humbled and blessed by the compassion for our children by the OSTI staff.  Thank you so much” 


OSTI donates Back-to-School goodies! - 13 Dec 2018

OSTI visited the Othandweni Family Care Centre and Masibambisane Centre for Orphaned and Vulnerable children.


The team handed over a donation comprising 90 stationery sets, 60 modelling dough sets, 60 pairs of scissors, 60 glue sticks, 60 exercise books, 60 puzzles, 60 sets of oil pastels, 7 boxes of printing paper, 22 ballpoint pens, 50 examination pads and 222 counter books.


"We hope that our donation sets the children up for a positive academic year", said Marilize Blignaut, project coordinator at OSTI.

OSTI supports the Santa Shoebox Project - 11 Oct 2018

The Santa Shoe Box project is a wonderful initiative which aims to provide underprivileged and impoverished children with gifts over the festive season. OSTI recognizes the value in uplifting our community and, together our staff, we donated a total of 52 shoeboxes on the 11th of October 2018.

We hope that our donation will bring a smile to a few more little faces this year.

OSTI visited Masibambisane - 03 Aug 2018

 In the spirit of Mandela day, OSTI visited the Elton John Masibambisane Centre for Orphaned and Vulnerable Children on 3 August 2018 in Eldorado Park.

Masibambisane, which means "lets pull together", is committed to fighting hunger among school-going children and strives to ensure that no child goes to bed with an empty stomach. OSTI recognizes the value supporting its community and donated an LG 13kg washing machine, 1 braai stand, 3 search multi plugs, 2 folding tables, 8 chairs, 2 extension reels, 40 sanitary  pads,10 storage boxes, 5 hands towel, 5 bath towels, 5 paint sets, 5 art brushes,10 boxes of printing paper and two printers.

“It is so difficult to express my gratitude when I receive gifts from The Ombudsman for Short Term insurance (OSTI). Whatever we put on our wish list, they respond accordingly. I always look forward to receiving gifts from them because I know that we will get exactly what we need and they really fill the gap that we have and it’s amazing because they have Ubuntu (humanity)” said Mahlako, the Centre Manager.

The OSTI staff and interns enjoyed interacting with the children and engaging with the volunteers.




Othandweni Family Care Centre gets love from OSTI - 13 Mar 2018

In celebration of Human Rights Day, the office of The Ombudsman for Short-Term Insurance (OSTI) donated gifts and equipment to Othandweni Family Care Centre in Soweto.  

OSTI has supported Othandweni Family Care Centre for the past three years through the provision of items identified through their needs list. “During the visit, we donated 10 cot mattresses, two baby mats, 500 nappies, five bulk packs toilet papers, 80 packs of sanitary towels, 10 bags of washing powder, five kettles, five steam irons and two first aid kits,” said Marilize Blignaut, Project Coordinator at OSTI. “We were privileged to be taken on a tour of the Centre and were able to spend some time with children”. 

Othandweni, which means “Place of Love”, is a Johannesburg Child Welfare non-profit organisation (NPO) that provides a range of direct child protection services for abused, abandoned, neglected, orphaned and vulnerable children in the greater Johannesburg area of South Africa. The centre was established in 1984 and currently has 90 children from 0-18 years of age. 

“We are extremely grateful for the donations. Our relationship with the Ombudsman for Short-Term Insurance has been a tremendous one, they contact us regularly to find out what we need” said the Centre Manager, Phineas Phiti.







Back to school Stationery Drive - 05 Dec 2017

OSTI donated 60 Staedtler stationary sets and 60 pencil cases to Othandweni Family Care Centre which homes 30 orphaned babies and 60 school going children in Soweto. We also donated 30 school backpacks and a gazebo to the Elton John Masibambisane Centre for Orphaned and Vulnerable Children, which provides preschool care and a safe afterschool environment for children in Eldorado Park and neighbouring informal settlements of Slovo Park, Kliptown and Mandela Square.

We hope that our donation set the children up for a happy academic year!

OSTI continues supporting the Santa Shoebox Project - 02 Nov 2017

OSTI supported the Santa Shoebox project once again! Together with our staff, we pledged and donated 49 shoeboxes.

Mandela Day - 21 Jul 2017

In the spirit of Mandela day, OSTI donated 70 children’s chairs to the Elton John Masibambisane Centre for Orphaned and Vulnerable Children. This centre provides preschool care and a safe afterschool environment for children in Eldorado Park and neighbouring informal settlements of Slovo Park, Kliptown and Mandela Square. OSTI further donated 8 jumbo boxes of nappies and 20 fleece blankets to the Othandweni Family Care Centre which is home to 90 orphaned babies and children in Soweto.


Veggie Donation - 31 May 2017

Our Annual Report Launch sported creative vegetable center pieces which were donated to the Othandweni Family Care Centre.

Human Rights Day - 25 Apr 2017

In the spirit of Human Rights day, OSTI donated 4 oil heaters and 7 boxes of Easter eggs to the Elton John Masibambisane Centre for Orphaned and Vulnerable Children.

Mandela Day - 05 Feb 2016

OSTI joined in the celebrations of Mandela Day, a global movement to honour Nelson Mandela’s legacy.

Staff visited Othandweni Children’s home in Mofolo in Soweto where donations of baby products were given to the caregivers and time was spent playing with the toddlers and helping with the morning routine and setting up the newly established library in the home. In the afternoon, staff made their way to Masibambisane Centre for orphaned and vulnerable children where stationery and toys were given to preschoolers. OSTI also hosted a party for the children.


OSTI participates in the Santa Shoebox Project - 01 Dec 2015

The office also participated again this year in the Santa Shoebox initiative where gifts were collected and distributed to underprivileged children throughout South Africa and Namibia. The Corporate Social Initiative Committee together with the staff contributed twenty boxes towards the project.

IThemba Walkathon - 25 Oct 2015

Staff of the Ombudsman's office participated in the 10th annual iThemba Walkathon which took place on 25 October 2015. The walkathon is aimed at raising funds for breast cancer education and awareness in South Africa.

Human Rights Day - 31 May 2015

In celebration of Human Rights Day, and as part of our corporate social responsibility programme, staff members visited the Othandweni Family Care Centre in Soweto and presented the children with a meal and gifts. Othandweni offers residential care for abused, abandoned and neglected children.

OSTI Participates in Take a Girl Child to Work Day - 28 May 2015

OSTI participated in the Take a Girl Child to Work Day on Thursday 28 May 2015. This national corporate social event has taken place in South Africa since 2003 and enjoys the endorsement of the Department of Education. The project seeks to provide girl children in grades 10, 11 and 12 across the country with platforms to deepen their thinking and aspirations about their role in society and more importantly show them what opportunities are available in the workplace. The Ombudsman hosted four grade twelve learners from Masibambisane Day Care which is a Centre for orphaned and vulnerable children in Eldorado Park; a charity identified and supported by OSTI’s Corporate Social Responsibility Committee. The learners spent the day at the office. They were given hands on experience as well as one on one consultation with the members of staff in various departments, including human resources, accounts, call center, secretarial and the assistant ombudsmen. We received positive feedback from the learners and it was a pleasure hosting these intelligent and ambitious young girls. We wish them well for the future!



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