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Paying excess even if it is no my fault

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In that same accident which was completely the fault of the other driver, I had to pay the excess on my policy. I asked my insurer to recover the excess for me, but it is not prepared to do so. Is this right?

Your excess, is in terms of your policy, an amount which you must pay yourself in any event and for which you are not insured. If your insurer intends to try to recover it’s outlay from the other party, or that party's insurer, then it may agree to add an amount of your excess to the amount it is claiming, and that is quite frequently done. However, you would usually get the excess back if the insurer has recovered the whole of it’s outlay, plus the excess. If your insurer does not wish to recover it’s outlay, then you have the right to sue the other driver for recovery of your excess, but if you do this you take the risk of the outcome of the case, and if you lose it, you may find yourself paying both sets of legal costs involved and not recovering any of your excess at all.