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Object to flood repair offer

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My carpet was damaged as a result of flood water and also certain tiles in the bathroom were loosened by the flood and had to be replaced. The insurer could not find tiles of exactly the same pattern and says it will therefore simply be meeting the cost of getting those tiles if they were available or provide tiles with a slightly different pattern. In regard to the carpet (which was secondhand), the insurers will arrange for a new piece of the carpet to replace the damaged piece and to be sewn on to the rest of the carpet, but this is not the same as the carpet was before. Can I object to this?

As far as the tiles are concerned, if they offered you the cash value of the tiles, then you have to accept that cash even if for the moment the tiles or that pattern are not available. If they will not pay cash for the tiles, you might also have to accept tiles of a slightly different in pattern if the intrinsic value of the tiled floor is not really adversely affected. As far as the carpet is concerned, the question is whether the carpet as repaired is at least of the same value as it was prior to the flood. If the answer objectively looked at is yes, then you must accept the repair. If the answer is no, then you are entitled to insist that whatever they do to the carpet it is restored to the same value as it was before the flood.